Reverse - Unified Color

The Puzzles of Color. You can Reverse, Rotate and Slide color blocks. There are 18 puzzles. Each have 6 stages with infinite levels. You can play as long as you like.

15 Puzzle Polygon

15 Puzzle Enhanced Version. Fixed Block Mode and Irregular Board Mode. Three Shapes: Square, Triangle, Hexagon.


Build various beautiful wall. Brickmason is a new and interesting tiling puzzles. This puzzle use Interlaced rectangles(bricks) to recreate the shape(wall).

Tangram Plus

Nine Tangram Puzzles.
Including Chinese classic Tangram and 15 pieces puzzle(Yi Zhi Tu), as well as T puzzle, Heart-shaped puzzle, Pythagoras, Sphinx and Modern Tangram.

Digit Matrix

Training mathematical thinking. Improving computational skills. Thirteen type interesting puzzles. The ultimate brain challenges.