Build various beautiful wall. Brickmason is a new and interesting tiling puzzles. This puzzle use Interlaced rectangles(bricks) to recreate the shape(wall).

Brickmason is a new and interesting tiling puzzles game. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape ( a wall ) using the given pieces( bricks ), which may not overlap. Each piece have 1 to 4 interlaced rectangle( brick ). In the game you are a brickmason building various beautiful walls. Enjoy it.

Brickmason like pentomino or tangram except it compose by the rectangle. In the game you can like a brickmason to build the beautiful walls. The game is easy to play. Just touch to move, click to rotate and reverse. Each piece has 4 state at most. The game is not too difficult but interesting. It is good to train the brain or just to pass the time.

Brickmason have total 450 levels in 10 packs. It also have simple interface and five themes.

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