Fifteen Tiling Puzzles In One.

  1. About Tangram & Polyform
    Tangram is China's most famous puzzle game. In the early nineteenth century tangram became the first international puzzle. There are many tangram style puzzle games in the world.
    Polyform is a plane figure constructed by joining together identical basic polygons. The basic polygon is often a regular polygon, such as a square or a triangle.

  2. About This Game
    This game contains nine types of tangram puzzles and six types polyform puzzles. Games and levels are constantly added. Tangram puzzles include the Chinese classic Tangram 15 pieces puzzle(Yi Zhi Tu) and Modern Tangram, as well as T puzzle, Heart-shaped puzzle, Pythagoras, Sphinx, Columbus' egg and Kreuzspiel. Polyform puzzles include Polystick, Polyiammond, Polyomino, Polyhex, Polyabolo and Polybrick. There are three kind of play methods. Not just move. You can play classic game(Move, Flip & Rotate) or for relaxing(Just Move).

A. 9 types of Tangram puzzles and 6 types of Polyform puzzles.
B. Three Play Methods.
C. About 3700 Levels and Will Add More.
D. Easy to Play.
E. Five Themes.

  1. How to Play
    A. This game have Three Play Methods.
    Just Move.
    Move & Flip.
    Move, Flip & Rotate.

B. Move: Touch the Piece and move.
Flip: Click the Piece.
Rotate:Long touch the Piece.

C. Get Hint: Click the Hint Button. Each Level has 2 hints.

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