1. About Moveing Maze
    Moving Maze is a novel and interesting game of reasoning. The game aims to move the smiling face from the bottom left corner of the maze to the top right corner. When moving one step, all horizontal walls in the maze move one grid to the left, all vertical walls move down one grid. For every step, the structure of the maze changes. Until you move to the end.

  2. How to Play
    A. Move: the smiling face can move in four directions, but it cannot pass through the wall. There are three ways to move: click the direction button on the screen, slide on the maze and use the direction key on keyboard(if having).
    B. Reset: click the RESET button in the upper right corner.
    C. Tip: click the HINT button right above.

Getting Support:
mail: ywhfamily@hotmail.com
or leave comment below.

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